Dietary Concerns & Campus Dining

Dear WashU Community, We are committed to an inclusive dining experience for all students, regardless of dietary needs and preferences. We understand though that it can be challenging to find foods to meet one’s needs and preference. If you or someone you know is struggling to find food on campus to meet dietary or medical nutrition-related […]

Updates to Campus Dining

Dear WashU Community, Thank you for your input on issues concerning chicken, bagels, fresh produce, and stocked shelves in our campus dining locations. After several meetings with our partner Bon Appetit’s corporate leadership, we are initiating the following action items to ensure the highest quality, value, and service to our students. Please feel free to […]

Message from Dining Services – February 6, 2022

Dear students and parents, We want you to know we are aware of concerns about the quality of the food that is currently available through our dining operations.  We have heard complaints about subpar chicken products and bagels, lack of fresh fruit and vegetables, and empty shelves in our convenience marts.  These conditions are unacceptable […]

Message from Dining Services – October 20, 2021

COVID-related food service supply chain interruptions are a new (and daily) reality. Our team is dedicated to create varied menu offerings, and are working with our suppliers — and with our purchasing department — to ensure the best possible product access each day. Unfortunately, our suppliers can only deliver products they have in stock, and […]

Message from Dining Services – October 6, 2021

There is a national labor crisis affecting many industries,  — but especially the hospitality industry. Unfortunately, the community of Washington University is not exempt from this shortage. Dining Services is fortunate enough to have some tenured employees who have returned this year to provide the campus community with exceptional food and service. However, well-deserved retirements, […]

Message from Dining Services – September 28, 2021

The Dining Services team at Washington University cannot express enough how excited we are to see you all back on campus. We recognize the important role dining plays on the WashU campus. Delicious food that meets your dietary needs and lifestyles combined with the sense of community that the dining experience provides are all essential […]