Dining Services supports Washington University in St. Louis’ strong commitment to sustainable practices.

Our commitment is rooted in preparing flavorful food that is healthy, produced through practices that support farmers, nourishes the Washington University community and replenishes our shared natural resources for future generations.

WUSTL Dining Services won the 2014 NACUFS Sustainability Gold Award for Excellence in Waste Management
23,500 gallons of waste oil converted to biofuel since 2009
We source approximately 20% of our food within 150 miles of campus
342 Dining Services team members serve the Danforth, North and West campuses each day
700,000 lbs of waste was diverted from the landfill during the 2017-2018 academic year
0 - the number of plastic bags available in our dining facilities and convenience markets
In 2014, the EPA recognized Dining Services for excellence in food waste recovery efforts

Produce, meat and artisanal products purchased from more than 25 local vendors within a 150-mile radius of campus.

We provide compostable/recyclable disposables and reusable dishes at dining locations.

We convert fryer waste oil into biofuel, which powers our campus trucks.

Coffee in our cafes meets or exceeds Fair Trade Certified standards and requirements.

Turkey and chicken are produced without routine use of antibiotics. Hamburgers are made with grass-fed beef from cows raised without antibiotics.

Milk and yogurt are produced by cows never given artificial bovine growth hormones (rBGH). Hamburgers are made from cows raised without added hormones.