Washington University Dining Services dining program emphasizes diversity of choice allowing each student to pick a meal plan that best fits their wellness and nutritional needs. In choosing the most appropriate plan, a student should have enough to keep them energized, restful, and mentally healthy. We are confident this approach gives students greater flexibility and spending options for dining on campus. No matter what plan students choose, all of our dining locations are open to each and every meal plan.

All undergraduate students living in University housing and/or enrolled in 12 hours or more are required to have a meal plan. There is no meal plan waiver offered for the 2023-2024 academic year.

How do Meal Points work?

Our dining program is operates on a points system on a declining balance as points are used. Meal points are allocated per semester and may be used at all Dining Services locations on the Danforth, North and West Campuses, including Paws & Go and Millbrook Markets.

Points not used during the fall semester carry over to the spring semester, however, students are still required to purchase a new meal plan for the spring. . Points will expire at the end of the fall semester for students who graduate in December or study abroad in the spring semester. Any points not used by the end of the academic year are forfeited.

NOTE: Undergraduate Meal Plan points are not accepted at the Business School Cafe in Bauer/Knight Hall or the School of Medicine.

Planning your Meal Point Use

We know that mapping out your approach to how you will use your meal points is an important task. To help you gauge where you should be throughout the semester, view the “Suggested Balance” (PDF) that outlines the suggested balance on a weekly basis through the end of the fall semester. We will provide an updated sheet for the spring semester early January.


Platinum Plan

The Platinum Plan offers students the greatest meal point value for their investment and allows them to maximize the dining program.  Our data shows that the Platinum Plan can provide the equivalent of three meals per day.
This plan is a great choice for the student who enjoys shopping and dining regularly on-campus and likes to sample at all available dining locations.
This plan includes an unlimited coffee club card (free drip coffee or tea at any Dining Services coffee shop on campus) as well as a free celebration cake from Bear Necessities.
2,960 points$3,795

Gold Plan

The Gold Plan offers flexibility when dining on campus still allowing students to have a well-rounded dining experience at a lower cost than the Platinum Plan.
2,650 points$3,485

Silver Plan

The Silver Plan encourages students to socialize with their peers in any of our dining locations and is a lower cost than the Platinum and Silver Plan.
This plan is great for the student who plans to eat lunch and dinner in Bears Den, The DUC, or the Village while enjoying the occasional venture to explore a dining location not among the big 3.
The Silver Plan is the minimally required meal plan for undergraduate first-year students.
2,167 points$3,002

Bronze Plan

The Bronze plan understands that as you continue in your time at WashU, your meal plan needs evolve. This plan comes in at a lower cost and fewer points, but still allows students to explore our dining program.
This plan is great for the student whose meal plans don’t require three daily meals on campus. It is also ideal for students living on the Northside and in our Fraternity Housing.
The Bronze Plan is the minimally required meal plan for all non-first year students on campus.
1,674 points$2,509

Apartment Plan

The Apartment Plan was designed to move with students who transitioned to off-campus housing. While on-campus, these students enjoy the occasional pick me up or late night study food.
This plan is great for the student who intends to prepare most meals for themselves at home. This student plans to use their points for on-campus drinks or to purchase small ingredients to complement their meal from home.
The Apartment Plan is the minimally required plan for students living in the Millbrook Apartments or Village East.
767 points$1,130

Off-Campus Plan

The Off-Campus plan supports the on the go life of our students who live off-campus, but still enjoy the occasional meal on-campus with a friend or beverage on the way to class.
This plan is great for the student who eats most daily meals off-campus or packs their own food for the day.
The Off-Campus Plan is the minimally required plan for off-campus undergraduates students registered for 12 hours or more
 453 points$702


For additional information please view our Frequently Asked Questions.