Your remaining meal points from the fall semester have now rolled over to the spring semester. You can view these rolled-over points in a separate bucket on your Atrium dashboard (the default page you see). These points will be utilized first before your spring meal points.

Washington University Dining Services dining program emphasizes diversity of choice allowing each student to pick a meal plan that best fits their wellness and nutritional needs. In choosing the most appropriate plan, a student should have enough to keep them energized, restful, and mentally healthy. We are confident this approach gives students greater flexibility and spending options for dining on campus. No matter what plan students choose, all of our dining locations are open to each and every meal plan.

All undergraduate students living in University housing and/or enrolled in 12 hours or more are required to have a meal plan. There is no meal plan waiver offered for the 2023-2024 academic year.

How do Meal Points work?

Our dining program is operates on a points system on a declining balance as points are used. Meal points are allocated per semester and may be used at all Dining Services locations on the Danforth, North and West Campuses, including Paws & Go and Millbrook Markets.

Points not used during the fall semester carry over to the spring semester, however, students are still required to purchase a new meal plan for the spring. . Points will expire at the end of the fall semester for students who graduate in December or study abroad in the spring semester. Any points not used by the end of the academic year are forfeited.

NOTE: Undergraduate Meal Plan points are not accepted at the Business School Cafe in Bauer/Knight Hall or the School of Medicine.

Planning your Meal Point Use | SP24 Spreadsheet Now Available!

We know that mapping out your approach to how you will use your meal points is an important task. To help you gauge where you should be throughout the semester, view the “Suggested Balance” (PDF) that outlines the suggested balance on a weekly basis. Current spreadsheet is available for Spring 2024!


Platinum Plan

Maximize your dining experience with the Platinum Plan, offering the greatest meal points. This plan can include a mix of residential and retail dining to explore a diverse array of cuisine. Enjoy additional perks in an unlimited coffee club card at on-campus coffee shops and a complimentary birthday celebration cake from Bear Necessities. Over 50% of our First-Year students choose the platinum plan for their on-campus dining needs.

Ideal for: Students who live on-campus, enjoy regular dining in all residential locations, and occasionally explore dining in retail locations.
3,138 points$4,023

Gold Plan

The Gold Plan offers flexibility and a well-rounded experience at a lower cost than the Platinum plan. If you find yourself in between plans, the Gold Plan strikes a happy balance. Craving extra points? Go for the Platinum.

Ideal for: Students who live on-campus and regularly plan to eat in residential locations.

Silver Plan

The Silver Plan allows students to explore our diverse dining options around campus. As the minimally required plan for first-year students, it can be a great plan for students wanting to eat their lunches and dinners during the week on campus. Observations of first-year student behavior reveal that more than 10% transition to a larger meal plan during their initial semester after acclimating to campus life.

Ideal for: Students residing on or off-campus who plan to eat various meals on campus throughout the week.

Bronze Plan

As your time at WashU progresses, your meal plan needs evolve. The Bronze Plan, with fewer points and a lower cost, is the minimally required plan for non-first year students on campus. It enables you to enjoy on-campus dining while accommodating your evolving needs.

Ideal for: Students on the Northside or in Fraternity Housing who enjoy occasional on-campus lunches with friends.

Apartment Plan

Tailored for students transitioning to off-campus housing, the Apartment Plan is the minimally required plan for residents in Millbrook Apartments or Village East. Unsure about your cooking routine at home? Explore our Silver and Gold plans to align with your busy schedules.  

Ideal for: Students who plan to cook for themselves but desire occasional on-campus treats.
813 points$1,198

Off-Campus Plan

Supporting the on-the-go lifestyle of off-campus students, the Off-Campus Plan is the minimally required plan for undergraduates registered for 12 hours or more.

Ideal for: Students who are on the move and eat most daily meals off-campus or pack their own food. May get drinks, snacks, or occasional meal while on-campus.
 480 points$744


For additional information please view our Frequently Asked Questions.