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For information concerning your documentation of a food allergen or intolerance please send an email to:

Developing a plan to well fuel your body is simple when it is done with the help of our registered dietitian, Rebecca Miller. At Washington University, you can schedule a nutrition consultation with her at any time by seeing her an e-mail.

Nutrition is the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Understanding the basics of nutrition can help you know that what you eat can help you feel your best and enjoy all aspects of college life. Since dietary habits and needs can vary greatly, we provide a variety of cuisines and options for students with dietary limitations, all of which are supported by evidence-based science.


In partnership with the Director of University Nutrition, we continue to refine and develop our dining program to stay consistent with the most current Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Our 2018-19 dining program is based on the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

These recommendations guide our team as we try to create excitement and awareness of nutritious, balanced and easy to choose meals in many of our dining facilities. The 2015 Dietary Guidelines reflect the importance of: 

  • A diet pattern high in vegetables, fruit, whole-grains, low or non-fat dairy, seafood, legumes and nuts.
  • A focus on increasing consumption of plant foods and decreasing consumption of red and processed meats.
  • A “culture of health” in which individuals, organizations, private businesses and communities feel empowered to make healthy choices.

Dining Services has set goals that are aimed at improving the health and wellness of our campus community. Our goals include:

  • A “Bear Balance” wellness meal at breakfast, lunch and dinner in residential dining locations
  • A minimum of five fruits, five vegetables and two whole grain products available at lunch and dinner
  • Limiting fried foods to no more than one at each station in the three large dining facilities (Bear’s Den, The Village, and the Danforth University Center) during lunch and dinner
  • A minimum of three desserts at lunch and dinner in some dining locations that are 150 calories or less
  • “Better For You” food and beverage options that are marked with the Bear Balance or Bear’s Choice label
  • A plant-based food option at every station that serves meat-based entrees
  • A Registered Dietitian (RD) is available for personal nutrition assessments and counseling to all students

Nutrition is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Do you have the knowledge to build a healthy diet? Take control of your health with our guide and resources.


Mindful of a number of diets and sensitivities, Dining Services provides a variety of specialized offerings at campus dining facilities.

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The University Dietitian provides nutrition education and dietary consultations for students, faculty and staff at WUSTL.

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Learn about Dining Services' commitment to health and wellness on campus.

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