We believe that all individuals, regardless of their dietary needs, should have access to safe and delicious meals on our campus. The Top 9 Allergy Friendly Stations in our Dining Halls and our Simply Made Menu on GrubHub help meet those needs of our students with food allergies and intolerances.

Rebecca Miller

If you are a student in need of help navigating the dining program with a food allergy, please contact our Campus Dietitian, Rebecca Miller:

  • Rebecca Miller, MPH, RDN, CSSD, LD  
  • Assistant Director of Nutrition & Dietary Wellness 
  • miller.rebecca@wustl.edu  
  • 314-935-4439 

Top 9 Allergy Friendly Stations

Our Top 9 Allergy Friendly Stations consist only of meals, menu items, and ingredients made without the top 9 food allergens: milk/dairy, egg, wheat/gluten, soy, sesame, shellfish, fish, and peanuts/tree nuts.

Our Chefs design rotating, seasonally-inspired entrees and sides, as well as simply prepared proteins, starches, and vegetables. Vegan options are also available daily.

To ensure the safety of our students, we minimize cross-contact through enhanced sanitation procedures, dedicated cooking spaces, frequent staff trainings, and process monitoring.

Where to Find the Top 9 Allergy Friendly Stations

Find our Bear’s Top 9 Allergy Friendly Stations at these Dining Halls:

  • The DUC (Danforth University Center)
    • Monday thru Friday: 11am-7pm
  • The Village
    • Monday thru Friday: Breakfast (8am-10am) | Lunch (11am-2pm) | Dinner (5pm-8pm)
    • Saturday & Sunday: Lunch (11am-2pm) | Dinner (5pm-8pm)
  • The Bear’s Den on the South40
    • Monday thru Friday: Breakfast (7:30am-10am) | Lunch (11am-2pm) | Dinner (5pm -10pm)
    • Saturday & Sunday: Breakfast (8:00am-10:30am) | Lunch (11am-2pm) | Dinner (5pm -10pm)
Gluten & Wheat

Our Top 9 Allergy Friendly Stations do not use ingredients or foods containing wheat or wheat products; yet, our Dining locations and kitchens are not certified gluten-free facilities.

For more information about navigating our campus with Celiac Disease, please contact our Registered Dietitian for assistance.

Peanuts & Tree nuts

Our chefs do not use peanuts or tree nuts in the production of food in our dining halls, with the exception of some bakery and pre-packaged items.

All pre-packaged items containing nuts are individually packaged with our “contains nuts” icon.


Currently, sesame is found in our menu items at the stir-fry stations across campus & WUFusion in the Bear’s Den. By Fall 2022, our goal is to discontinue the use of sesame and sesame-containing products in our Top 9 Allergy Friendly Stations.

Visit our Daily Menus or the Dining App for sesame-specific ingredients used.

Simply Made Menus

For students with more attentive allergy needs, our Simply Made menu is available on GrubHub for pre-order and pick-up. Our Simply Made menu allows students to build and customize their own meals based on their specific dietary needs related to food allergies & intolerances.

Our Simply Made menus are available on GrubHub for The Bears Den, The DUC, and The Village daily. Students will need to meet directly with our Registered Dietitian to learn more and gain access to the Simply Made menu.