Welcome to the award winning Washington University Dining Services! We are excited to have you here. As we transition beyond the COVID-19 crisis, the health and safety of our students, our team and the award winning dining experience remain a top priority.

Some of the safety precautions we will continue to take in the Fall 2021 semester:

  • Safety training
  • Health screenings
  • Face masks
  • Cleaning & sanitizing
  • Contactless payment options
  • Cashless payment
  • Outdoor seating
  • Mobile ordering through Grubhub

Even during this difficult time, we believe our Five Tenets of Dining remain a foundation to offer strength to your dining experience. As a commitment to our students we have designed our menus with a strong emphasis on authenticity, variety and a focus on cultural awareness and flavors. We’ve restructured dining service options across campus, added mobile ordering and adjusted seating arrangements to allow for safe connecting with the WashU community. When it comes to taste and experience our chefs continue to work diligently creating recipes and menus that enhance a safe environment while delivering exceptional quality and access at a reasonable price.

“Washington University Dining Services is known for exceptional service and great tasting food. We will continue to build on that reputation in our offerings for Fall 2021.  This has always been and will always be our commitment to you, and your family.”

On behalf of the entire Wash U family thank you for choosing WU Dining,