In order to maximize convenient to-go options while supporting institutional waste reduction goals, WashU offers reusable to-go containers, powered by your unique ReusePass code. This system enables WashU community members to eat on the go with all the benefits and convenience of carryout and none of the waste! All you need is your ReusePass.

How ReusePass Works

  1. Sign up here!
  2. Using your Grubhub app, select “to go in reusable container” when ordering at BD, DUC, or Village.
  3. Enjoy your meal waste-free and return your box to a dish return or ReusePass return receptacle within 3 days.
  4. You can keep track of your container status on your ReusePass dashboard.

Where you can use ReusePass

  1. Bear’s Den
  2. Danforth University Center
  3. The Village

Where you can return a ReusePass container

Boxes can be returned in marked receptacles AND dish returns in all three locations: BD, DUC, and The Village. Check your ReusePass dashboard for a map of return locations.

ReusePass FAQs

How long can I keep my box?

You can keep your container for up to 3 days, but we recommend returning it as soon as you can so it can go back into the ReusePass ecosystem! After the 3-day checkout window, there is a “pending period” that gives time for operators to collect, sanitize, and scan-in containers. If your container isn’t scanned in during that time period, the status will change to “late” and you will receive a reminder text to return your container. If you continue to hold onto your container beyond the “late” period, your account is subject to a $5 replacement fee.

Where and how do I return boxes?

Returning containers is easy! Simply compost the remaining food scraps and drop your empty container in a dining hall dish return or a ReusePass return bin at any of the 3 participating dining halls (BD, DUC, & The Village). You can also find ReusePass return bin locations by navigating to your ReusePass account and clicking on “see return locations.”

Can I return any box I have checked out to fulfill the return request?

Yes, if you have multiple boxes checked out and one is due, any of the boxes will fulfill the request.

What happens if I lose my box?

On the rare occasion that this happens, you can text back to the reminder text, alerting the system that you are unable to return it. You will still be charged a $5 replacement fee.

Are users reminded to return the boxes?

Yes, users receive a text after 3 days, reminding them to return the box. They will receive another text after a week, telling them that it is overdue, but should still be returned. Users can track their box’s status using the ReusePass dashboard.

Why is there a 3-day checkout window?

The 3-day window exists to encourage participants to return their containers in a timely fashion, so they can get washed and reused. This means we can serve the same number of students with fewer containers, helping to reduce the amount of materials in use.

Who can use it? Can guests use it? Can I check someone else’s box out?

Anyone with a WashU ID can receive a reusable box. WashU ID holders with guests can check out their guest’s boxes on their account and will be responsible for all guest’s boxes. Guests dining without a WashU ID holder will need to be reminded to return the box, or ask for a compostable box.

Can I use ReusePass with Grubhub?

Yes, students will receive a pop-up when they open the Grubhub app asking them if they want to use a reusable box. Cashiers will be ready to scan a QR on the box and Grubhub order, linking the student’s order to the box without the user present. 

When will the charge for an overdue box be applied to the account?

Two weeks after the box is borrowed, there will be a charge applied to the student’s account. After this time, no refund will be available. 

Can my friend return my box for me?

Yes. Once collected from return locations, your box will be checked in for you when it enters the dishwashers. It doesn’t matter who puts it in the return receptacle.

Is there a limit on how many boxes you can have checked out at once?

There is no limit on the number of boxes you can have checked out. 

What if the scanners make a mistake?

If a box you returned doesn’t get checked in because of a mistake, there are multiple contingencies built into the system. If the box is checked out by another person (while it is still checked out under your name) it will automatically be checked back in. Also, the text alerts sent out are interactive, so students can respond if they have already returned it, alerting the system that there was a mistake. 

Is there a way for Android users to download their Reusepass QR code?

Android users will soon be able to add to Google Wallet just like iOS users can add to their Apple Wallet.