The Fattened Caf. at Bytes Café

McKelvey Hall

The Fattened Caf. started with catering their friend’s game nights and sharing their Filipino heritage with their community. Owners Charlene Lopez Young and Darren Young officially established themselves in 2017, becoming a symbol of Filipino cuisine. In 2020, the Fattened Caf. partnered with Earthbound Beer on Cherokee Street, adapting with pre-ordered meals and to-go service and expanding their partnership with local grocers to sell their Filipino smoked sausage.

Their menu features cherished family recipes, including smoked meats and homemade spam, and desserts from Salamat bakery to round out their delightful offerings. The Fattened Caf. at Bytes Cafe aims to create a culturally enriching community, inviting all to experience the heartwarming essence of Filipino cuisine.

The Fattened Caf. at Bytes Café is located in McKelvey Hall and serves Filipino style barbecue rice bowls, Filipino desserts, and proudly serves Starbucks.

Spring Semester Hours

10:00 am – 6:00 pm (Mon-Fri)
Closed (Sat-Sun)