Diet Needs

We can accommodate a variety of diets and food intolerances. Whether you’re vegetarian, kosher, halal or you have allergies or intolerances for certain foods, Dining Services provides healthy options for you on campus.

For information concerning your documentation of a food allergen or intolerance please send an email to Rebecca Miller, University Dietitian and

Dining Services makes it easy to maintain your diet on campus by marking menu items to indicate kosher, halal, vegetarian and vegan options along with the presence of allergens. Additionally, kosher, halal and vegetarian grab-and-go options are available at Paws & Go and Millbrook Market. Another option is L’Chaim, which provides hot meals prepared in our certified kosher kitchen located in the South 40.


Dining Services provides several tools to accommodate your food allergy or intolerance. We provide you with food allergy information on each location’s menu page and for each menu item. A meeting with the campus director of university nutrition, along with a campus chef, is a good way to learn how to dine enjoyably and safely.

In order to ensure a safe and enjoyable dining experience Dining Services works to support students, faculty, staff and guests with special dietary needs. This includes those with medically restricted diets and those with food allergies and intolerances.

Dining Services is generally able to meet the needs of students requesting specialized meal plans so all students with special dietary needs are encouraged to work with dining services to make dining on campus enjoyable and safe. The process outlined below provides guidance for the steps to take to help ensure a pleasant dining experience. While Residential Life does not grant dining accommodations students who have one of the dietary reasons listed above must take the following steps in order to develop a plan for safe campus dining.
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