Our menus are designed with you in mind. We can work with you individually to find allergy-friendly, safe menu items as well as vegan, vegetarian, Halal, and Kosher meals that would best meet your individual needs.

Food Allergies & Intolerances

We encourage any and all students with nutrition and dining needs, especially pertaining to food allergies, to work directly with our dietitians. We can help explain the various menu options so you feel comfortable and safe while dining on campus. We have Top 8 Allergy Friendly menus available at the Bear’s Den, DUC, and Village with both a weekly rotation of nutritionally-balanced dishes as well as standard daily options.

This icon indicates an item may be packaged, processed, or manufactured in a facility that contains any of the allergens above.


Vegetarian & Vegan

We have vegetarian and vegan options available throughout campus, including our dining halls, Ibby’s Bistro, and cafes. In fact, you can find vegetarian or vegan options at every station at the Bear’s Den, DUC, and Village.



We have Kosher meals available in all of our grab & go coolers as well as a designated Kosher station (L’Chaim) in the Bear’s Den for lunch and dinner. We also partner with a local deli for weekend dining. Hillel and Chabad also have opportunities for Shabbat meals.



You can find certified Halal meals at the Bear’s Den WU Fusion station daily for both lunch and dinner. We also have Halal prepackaged grab & go meals in our markets. You can also find Halal meals for lunch daily at the DUC’s comfort station. The Bear’s Den, Village, and Law Cafe will also offer Halal menu options throughout the week.

Top 8 Allergy Friendly Stations

The meals offered here consist only of menu items and ingredients that are made without the top 8 food allergens (milk/dairy, egg, wheat/gluten, soy, shellfish, fish, and peanuts/treenuts). Additionally, we’re preventing as much cross contact as possible by enhanced sanitation procedures, dedicated staff & training, as well as process monitoring.

You can find Bear’s Top 8 Allergy Friendly meals at:

  • DUC for lunch and dinner Monday- Friday
  • Village for breakfast, lunch, and dinner Monday-Friday and brunch and
  • dinner on the weekends
  • Bear’s Den for breakfast, lunch, and dinner 7 days a week

We also have an allergy friendly menu, Simply Made, available on Grubhub for BD, DUC, and Village daily. Students will need to meet directly with one of the dietitians to learn more.

Bear Balance Menu Items
Bear Balance

The Bear Balance program is designed to highlight the quality, availability, and access of nutrient rich foods across campus. It focuses on wholesome foods with nutritious and delicious quality, flavor, and recipe integrity. 

We focus on nutrients that provide fullness & satisfaction as well as sustained energy throughout the day, including lean proteins, heart-healthy fats, whole grains, and nutrients & antioxidants from vegetables and fruits!

Try our Bear Balance dishes by looking for this icon on menus across campus.