Meet Our University Dietitian

We are proud to welcome Rebecca Miller, MPH, RDN, LDN, to Washington University as our new university dietitian. Rebecca started in July and has quickly been learning the WashU campus and getting to know students, faculty and staff.

The campus itself was a big draw when she was going through the interview process she said. The lush greenery, the well-manicured flower beds and the fantastic facilities drew her in right away.

“This campus is so beautiful, and the job itself, encompasses everything I had been doing up to this point in my career, but with opportunities for professional growth and to work with a student population that can keep me young. I’m very excited to get started,” she said.

Miller comes to St. Louis by way of Tulane University in New Orleans. She earned her graduate degree from Tulane and has worked with Louisiana State University and a regionally renowned hospital-owned fitness center in New Orleans before joining us. She is a native of Dixon, Illinois and completed her undergraduate degree at Millikin University in Decatur, IL. She is married with two small children and enjoys walking, blogging and cooking in her “free time.”

She has a unique approach to nutrition education and dieting.

“I’m not a fan of diets, and I do not like the idea of restricting food groups and labeling “bad foods”. There really is no bad food. It’s more of a question of how often do you eat, what you eat, and how that can be improved as needed without feeling deprived. It’s a balancing act of satisfying preferences, nutrient needs, and our busy schedules.”

As a member of the Dining Services staff, Rebecca will work with the team to offer more filling, satisfying and energizing options, especially in the grab & go sections. We want to help the students perform at their best during the day and having convenient items that will help with their focus, energy, and hunger is ideal. Looking for items to offer that contain a filling mix of fiber and protein, but with as little sugar as possible will be a goal.

You will also undoubtedly see Miller on the WUSTL Dining Facebook and Instagram pages.  Social media communication is an area she has experience and interest. She hopes to expand the role of dietitian with short informative videos, program features and other helpful items for students who are interested in learning better ways to eat on campus as well as beyond.

“I am looking forward to working with the students at Washington University.”

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