Undergraduate Plans

Meal plans operate on an “all points” or “declining balance” basis. This offers students greater flexibility and spending options in our a la carte cafes.


New Fall 2020 Meal Plan Requirements

(Updated 8/14/2020)

The following dining requirements have been adjusted for the 2020 fall semester. Fall 2020 Meal Plans will be assigned once housing assignments are complete near the end of August. You will be assigned a meal plan based on your housing assignment at that time. If you would like to buy up to a larger meal plan please complete the meal plan change form in WebSTAC. The meal plan change form will not be available until your housing assignment has been set.

Undergraduate Students with a Residential Life Housing contract are required to purchase a meal plan:

  • First Year Students – minimum requirement is a Silver Meal Plan.
  • Second, Third, and Fourth Year Students who:
    • Live in Residential Life Housing on the Danforth Campus – minimum requirement is a Bronze Meal Plan.
    • Live in Fraternity Housing – minimum requirement is a Bronze Meal Plan.
    • Live in a Residential Life apartment in Millbrook or Village East  – minimum requirement is an Apartment Meal Plan.
    • Live in a Residential Life off-campus facility – minimum requirement is an Off-Campus Meal Plan. (This includes The Lofts, Everly on the Loop, Moonrise Hotel and Quadrangle)

All unused meal plan points roll over to the Spring 2021 semester.

Undergraduate Students without a Residential Life Housing contract:

  • Students living off-campus within the St. Louis area will be required to have an Off-Campus Meal Plan. This meal plan will allow students:
    • Exceptional value (provides about 3 points per day)
    • Tax exempt food purchases on campus.
    • The assurance of nutritious dine-in options, grab & go and mobile ordering.
    • A safe and secure dining environment backed by WUDS COVID-19 dining guidelines for students while visiting campus to attend class, study, or participate in a hybrid or in-seat class.
    • Unused points on this meal plan will roll over to the spring 2021 semester.
    • Students who purchase the Off-Campus plan can participate in the student to student point transfer program (New Fall 2020!)
  • Students may not be required to purchase a meal plan for fall semester 2020 if they meet the following criteria:
    • Live outside the St. Louis area.
    • Will have no physical access to campus for the entire semester except Habif Health and Wellness Center
    • Have extenuating circumstances that keep them from campus dining facilities.

Students with extenuating circumstances are encouraged to reach out to Dining Services at diningservices@wustl.edu.

These dining requirements have been adjusted for the 2020 fall semester. These meal plans and requirements DO NOT represent WUDS meal plans for spring 2021 or beyond. 

Undergraduate Meal Plans

Meal points are allocated per semester to assist students in budgeting their meal plan points. Students can see their point balance and spending history in WebSTAC. Points not used during the fall semester carry over to the spring semester, except for those students who graduate in December or study abroad in the Spring semester, in which case points expire at the end of the Fall Semester. Points not used by the end of the academic year are forfeited.

Undergraduate meal points may be used at all Dining Services locations on the Danforth, North and West Campuses, including Paws & Go and Millbrook Markets. Undergraduate Meal Plan points are not accepted at Einstein Bagels in Simon Hall, the Business School Cafe in Bauer/Knight Hall or the School of Medicine.

Student Meal Plans (Fall 2020)**

Points Cost
Platinum Plan 2,141 points $2,749
Gold Plan 1,920 points $2,525
Silver Plan 1,565 points $2,174
Bronze Plan* 1,212 points $1,817

*First year students are required to purchase no less than the Silver Plan. For residential students, the Silver Plan is the most popular: adequately meeting the dietary needs of most students.

** Rates have been temporarily adjusted for Fall 2020 to reflect adjusted university schedule.

Additional Fall 2020 Undergraduate Meal Plan Options

In addition to the standard residential meal plans, the university requires that students living off-campus have meal plans.

Apartment Plan** 555 points $818
Off-Campus Plan***  328 points $509

Changing Meal Plans

Students may change their meal plan within the first two weeks of the fall semester or within the first two weeks of the spring semester. All changes submitted in the first 2 weeks of each semester will be effective at the end of the 2 week period.

Students with a housing contract may visit the WashU Housing Portal via WebSTAC to complete the meal plan change form. Students living off-campus, not in university housing, may request a change in their meal plan by contacting Washington University Dining Services at diningservices@wustl.edu.


Transferring Points

Points can be transferred between or among students only one time per academic semester with a 100-point minimum and 500-point maximum. A 7.5-point transaction fee will be assessed PER STUDENT for the transfer. Both students will need to sign the transfer form, and both students involved in the transfer need to visit the Dining Services offices located in the South 40 House (just past Paws & Go Market), open Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Students with a Platinum Plan, Gold Plan, Silver Plan, Bronze Plan or Apartment Plan are eligible for transfer. Students may purchase food or beverage items for friends with their own meal card as well.

**New Fall 2020, Students with the Off-Campus Meal Plan will be eligible to participate in the student to student point transfer.**


** Minimum required for those students living in Millbrook Apartments or Village East
*** Minimum required for those living in off-campus apartments or commuting

Student Meal Plan Descriptions

Platinum Plan This plan is designed for the individual who requires more overall nutrition than provided by the Gold Plan. This might be due to a personal workout plan, involvement in intramurals, club sports, team sports, cheer or other high intensity activity.
Gold Plan This plan is designed for the individual that leads an active lifestyle.
Silver Plan Our most popular plan – this plan is designed to meet the needs of our residential students. The Silver Plan is the minimum required for first year students, and is the most popular plan for our returning students.
Bronze Plan This plan is designed for the student who is occasionally off campus, involved in university related activities such as internships or research projects. (Not available to first year students.)
Apartment Plan  This plan is designed for the student living in campus apartments. This plan meets the needs of students who prepare some meals for themselves in their apartments.
Off-Campus Plan This plan is the minimum required for those students residing off-campus.

Meal Plan Contract Service Dates

Meal Plans are designed for students based upon the academic calendar and the opening and closing of residential housing.

Start Date End Date
Fall Semester 2020 September 4 December 19
Spring Semester 2020 January 4 May 7* 

*Seniors: your meal plan expires at the end of regular service on May 15, 2020.

Out of Contract Purchases

Students on campus during non-service dates may purchase food or beverages using their optional Bear Bucks account. Student purchases of on-campus food and beverage remain tax-exempt. Out of Contract dates include Pre-Orientation, Winter Break and Summer Break (Summer Meal Plans are available for enrolled students living on campus.).

Depleted Meal Plans

If a student depletes a meal plan, food and beverages may be purchased tax-exempt with the optional Bear Bucks Account. Students will automatically be rolled over to the Bear Bucks Account if a meal plan is depleted.