Graduate/Professional Student Plans

Your student ID card is also your meal card. This cashless system offers a quick and convenient method for managing your meal plan online.

The Graduate/Scholars meal plan is part of the Bear Bucks program. The Bear Bucks program is an optional campus spending account. For details, please visit

Some of the Graduate/Scholars plan advantages are:

  • Student meal plans are tax exempt (a savings of approximately 7-9%)
  • Minimum buy-in level is $25.00
  • Once enrolled, you may easily pay for food items on the Danforth, North and West campuses without the hassle of cash.
  • Upon enrollment, your points are immediately available for use. Points do not expire until you graduate or are no longer enrolled.
  • All Dining Services locations will accept your card.

Need to add additional funds?

You may do so at any time during the year. Points may not be transferred to or from a graduate student meal plan. To open an account or to add points to an existing account, please visit WebSTAC.