F.A.Q.Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do the WashU meal plans work?

A: Meal Plans at WashU are different than most universities. Our meal plans are 100% declining balance meal points. All of our dining centers on campus are al-a-carte so you are only paying for the food you eat. All of our dining centers display the price for each item so you know exactly how much you will be paying for each meal.

Q: How do I access my meal plan?

A: Your meal plan is loaded onto your student ID card so you only need to carry one card with you on campus. This card will give you access to buildings, your meal plan as well as your Bear Bucks account.

Q: How many meals per week will I be able to eat with my plan?

A: A declining balance meal plan does not provide a set number of meals per week. Instead, you receive a certain amount of meal points at the beginning of the semester to spend. The number of meals this will get you depends a lot on your specific eating habits and the type of food you like to eat. Larger meal plans will provide you with more meal points to start the semester. Our Silver Meal Plan is our most common plan and is designed to provide the average student with approx. 10-12 meals per week on campus. Students who are heavy eaters or like to buy a lot of snacks or coffees may want to consider purchasing a larger meal plan.

Q: What do I do if I run out of meal points?

A: If you run out of meal points WashU has Bear Bucks available that you can load to your student account at any time. Bear Bucks can be used in the dining halls just like meal points. Our meal plans are designed to be as flexible as you are so you can add Bear Bucks in small increments to ensure you enough.

Q: How do I know how many points I have left on my account?

A: You can check your meal point balance at any time by logging into WebSTAC. You can also request as receipt any time you make a purchase and your balance will be displayed on your receipt.

Q: Where and when can I use my meal points?

A: You can use your meal points at any location on campus operated by WashU Dining Services. There is no restriction on when, where and how many points you can use at one time.

Q: Are there any restrictions on where I can eat?

A: There are some dining locations on campus that are not operated by WashU Dining Services and do not accept meal points. Starbucks and Bauer Café are not operated by WashU Dining and do not accept meal points.

Q: Can I use my meal points off-campus?

A: Meal Points are designed to be only be used on campus in locations operated by WashU Dining Services. Many local businesses have an agreement with WashU to accept Bear Bucks as a method of payment.

Q: How do I know which meal plan I should buy?

A: The best meal plan for you will depend on your eating habits and how many meals you plan to eat on campus. Students who eat a lot of late-night snacks or like to purchase specialty coffees will use their meal points faster. If you run out of meal points you can always add Bear Bucks to use on campus. If you end up with too many meal points at the end of the fall semester, you can choose a smaller dining plan for the spring semester and your points will carry over.


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