Farm to Fork

Our Farm to Fork initiative allows Dining Services to source the most seasonal, minimally processed ingredients from local farms, ranches and fishing vessels.

We purchase at least 20 percent of our ingredients from small farms and ranches located within 150 miles of campus.

By buying directly from farmers, we have much more control over what types of agribusiness we are supporting. We support true family farms where the owners live on or nearby the land, work it themselves, and therefore are conscientious stewards.

We use the Locally Crafted label to denote menu items that contain products from an approved Locally Crafted vendor that has met the following criteria:

  •         Vendor must conduct business within 150 miles
  •         Owner-operated or Co-op of owner-operators
  •         Annual sales of $5 million or less

The vendor must also have met specific qualifications, including:

Responsibly sourced– At least 50% of the product’s ingredients, by weight or volume, are responsibly sourced as verified by an approved third-party organization, such as Certified Organic or Fair Trade.

Humanely sourced– The eggs, dairy, and protein in the product meet all WUSTL Dining Services sustainability standards (eggs are certified cage-free, milk is rBGH-free, etc.)

Traditional/artisan– The product is a traditional staple of a specific cuisine, made in the traditional manner with a minimum of additives and preservatives, or in small batches by hand using traditional methods.