COVID-19 Operations


Welcome to award winning Washington University Dining Services! We are excited to have you here. While life on campus this year may look a little different we are committed to ensuring your dining experience with us is as great as usual.

We have taken numerous steps to ensure the safety of our guests and our staff while serving you on campus.

  • All Dining Services staff have completed COVID-19 related safety training
  • All staff will complete a pre-shift health screening including temperature checks
  • All staff and guests in our dining centers will be required to wear a face covering
  • Increasing cleaning and sanitizing procedures to ensure all surfaces are sanitized at least every 30 minutes
  • Providing sanitizer for guests upon entry and at all seating and touch points
  • We will only accept student ID or credit card payments and all cash registers will have contactless payment options available
  • We have placed shields at service locations as well as seating areas to help physical distancing
  • Additional outdoor seating available around campus
  • Increased grab and go options available throughout campus
  • Single use silverware and condiments
  • Streamlined menus to ensure guests can dine with us as quickly as possible
  • Mobile ordering will be available at all dining locations on campus


Hospitality Coordinator

When you enter one of our dining centers this fall you will notice many things look different. At all dining locations you will be greeted by a Hospitality Coordinator who will be there to guide you through the dining experience. Our hospitality coordinator will also be there to ensure we do not exceed maximum space occupancy and make sure everyone has a face mask when entering. Not sure where to go or what to eat, our Hospitality Coordinators have been trained to assist you and make sure your dining experience is as smooth as possible.

We encourage students and guests to take their food to-go as much as possible. We will have seating available throughout our dining centers as well as additional dining/study pods around campus. Where possible we have placed plexi-glass tale dividers to allow for as much seating as possible in our dining rooms while maintaining appropriate physical distancing. We have also removed chairs and tables as needed to keep you safe.

Hours of Operation

Many of our hours of operation have changed to allow for necessary cleaning and sanitizing while offering you the variety and quality you expect. You can find up to date hours of operation here.

Mobile Ordering

Download the GrubHub campus app to mobile order at any dining locations on campus. We know that time is valuable for our students and want to ensure we can provide you a safe way to order your food without having to stand in line. Mobile ordering will also provide you with an opportunity to continue to order many of the custom dining options you enjoy on campus currently.


Our talented chefs have been hard at work all summer updating our menu’s for campus. Whether you dine with us at the Bears Den, DUC, Village, Parkside or any of our smaller coffee shops and cafés, you will see an abundance of new and exciting menu items to try!

Allergens and Special Dietary Needs

While we have had to make a number of adjustments to our operations and menus for the fall, our commitment to serving our students with allergies or other dietary needs remains the same. Mobile pre-ordering for allergen meals will be available through GrubHub and we are introducing a new top-8 allergen friendly station at the Bears Den. If you have any questions about dining on campus with allergies or other needs please reach out to our dietitian Rebecca Miller at

Dining Services COVID-19 FAQ

Who can dine on campus this semester? We are currently still open to all students, faculty, staff and essential visitors. When you are on campus we are committed to ensuring that you are able to have a high quality dining experience.

What kind of payments will I be able to use? All campus dining locations are currently cashless. You will be able to use meal points, bear bucks and credit card for payment. We encourage you to load Bear Bucks to your account to use instead of Credit Card to help speed up the lines.

When can I take of my mask? When you enter a dining facility you are expected to wear a face mask until you are seated at your table. Once seated you can remove the mask to eat or drink. If you get up during your meal we ask you to put your mask back on until you are seated.

Will I be able to study in the dining halls this semester? This semester seating will be limited so we ask students to use the dining hall space to eat only. WashU has created numerous additional study spaces around campus for students to use for homework, studying or zoom classes.

How do I customize my meals when everything is grab and go? While we have all of our meals packed for you to speed up service, we will have mobile ordering available at all locations on campus for you to place an order for a customized meal.

Will I be able to sit and eat on campus? Dining Services plans to open all of our seating areas on September 14th. Until then we are asking all students to take their food back to their residence to limit crowds during move-in.

Will I be able to get my reusable coffee cup this year? Dining Services will not be offering the reusable coffee cup program this year. In its place we will be offering a coffee card which will allow you to get a free coffee when presented at the cash register. Ask any cashier about the coffee card for more information.

What else will be different about dining on campus this year? Our plans for this semester are to keep your dining experience as close as possible to normal. Soda Fountains will be closed and we will only serve bottled drinks for the semester. Hours will be somewhat limited from our normal schedule to promote cleaning as well as ensure that our staff can safely serve you.