Bear Balance Movement

The Bear Balance movement is a Washington University specific program designed to improve the nutrition quality and availability of food for students, faculty, and staff around campus.

Introducing Bear Balance 2.0.This upgrade streamlines the former Bear Balance and Bear’s Choice initiatives into one cohesive program.

Menu items across campus now labeled with the updated Bear Balance icon meet the following nutrition specific criteria:

  • 100% whole grains
  • 0 trans fat (hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils)
  • less than a teaspoon of added sugar
  • less than 5 grams of animal-based saturated fat
  • Benchmarks for both sodium and overall calories

Bear Balance 2.0 can be found in entrees, soups, grab-n-go options across campus this semester (Spring 2020) as well as in sides, sauces, and other build-your-own items!

Bear Balance 2.0 serves as an educational tool and encompasses evidence-based nutrition practices that are consistent with

  • diabetes-friendly diets
  • heart-healthy diets
  • overall chronic disease prevention
  • promote best practices in health and wellness

Join our Bear Balance tours across campus this semester with our Dine with a Dietitian series.  The dates for Spring 2020 are as follows:


  • Bear Balance Tour:Thursday, February 13, from 2pm-3pm in the DUC and Café Bergson
  • Cooking Demo: The 5-Ingredient Entrée: Monday, February 24, 4pm – 5pm in Studio 40 in the Bear’s Den

MARCH 2020

  • Bear Balance Tour:Thursday, March 5 from 2pm – 3pm in Paws & Go in the Bear’s Den
  • DwD Pop-Up Event:Thursday, March 19 from noon to 2pm in Holmes Lounge
  • Cooking Demo: The 30-Minute Entrée:Monday, March 23, from 4pm – 5pm in Studio 40 in the Bear’s Den

APRIL 2020

  • Bear Balance Tour:Thursday, April 2, from 2pm – 3pm
  • Cooking Demo: The $10 or less Entrée for 4: Monday, April 20, from 4pm – 5pm in Studio 40 in the Bear’s Den.

Follow Rebecca @rebeccamillerrdnfor weekly nutrition tips, recipes, and news about WashU-specific Bear Balance items available across campus.


This campaign is an effort to improve the overall well-being for the campus of Washington University. If you need specific one-on-one nutrition guidance please don’t hesitate to reach out to our assistant director of nutrition and dietary wellness, Rebecca Miller. You can email her directly at to set up a personalized nutrition appointment.

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