Allergen Aware

When it comes to the “Top 8” allergens, and gluten, your safety is our priority. For this reason, we want to share how you can become more “Allergen Aware” in WUSTL Dining Services cafes. 

WUSTL Dining is dedicated to providing the freshest, highest quality food, planned and crafted specifically for each of our cafés. We cook from scratch in our dining locations, much like you might at home, making use of as many local and seasonal ingredients as possible. This allows us to easily tell you about the ingredients we used to prepare your food.

We work to keep your experience fresh and filled with variety which means our menus change frequently. To help you navigate the safety and nutritional value of your food, we work to offer nutrition and allergen information on our website ( or mobile app for all food items we serve in our cafes. If you can’t find information on the website or app, a chef or manager is always available to provide that information to you.

Our culinary teams handle hundreds of ingredients so working with our chefs and the campus Director of University Nutrition is an important part of getting enjoyable, nutritious food that you can enjoy safely. Our three main kitchens have separate areas where food is prepared for those with special dietary needs. These same kitchen areas also prepare any of our “Grab & Go” items that are designed for those with food allergies.

The “Allergen Aware” system will prepare you for a safe and delicious dining experience. Let us know what you need and we can help you with your food allergy needs!



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